Organize Ideas

When I began my research I started a mind map because it made it  easier to organize my ideas and stay focused on the topic. By writing down the key ideas I developed my vocabulary and the different concepts that I had discovered. I could see where the gaps were in my investigation and what I needed to research more about.

After drawing the mind map, I used it to write a plan for my written report.  It is important to write a plan when you doing an investigation because you need to follow the points and make sure you are working in the right direction and not getting lost. A plan keeps you thinking about the important points you need to talk about – you need to keep on track.

When I wrote my body paragraphs I used my mind-map to write my topic sentences. Then I organised my supporting evidence under these topic sentences. Lastly, I wrote my concluding sentence. By using a plan I could also check that my paragraphs were in a logical order.

This made writing the report easier as I just had to add linking words.

During this investigation I had to keep track of all of my references, this was important  do when I was writing the investigation because I may forget where the information came from and how to add the references to my report. At the same time, I started writing my bibliography.


ESL Investigation: Same sex marriage

The topic I choose for investigation is “same sex marriage”, it is a current social topic. After talking with my ESL teacher, I decided to do it.

The reason I choice this topic is from my Chinese friends, they are all girls, and they really love each other, they really feel that they are the same as normal couples, I mean same as heterosexual couples. In my mind, I think same sex marriage is a really good thing because everyone should have the confidence to choose who they love, even if it is the same sex.

In Australia a lot of  people accept same sex couples and this  shows that people already an open mind. Therefore,  same sex marriage  should become legal in the next few years.  I believe the world will be more humane if same sex couples have the freedom to get married.

I have started my research with an article from the Conversation.