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My name is Erin and I am from China, Beijing. Beijing is the capital city of china, where is the beautiful city. There is really famous place, which is the great wall.

I like shopping in Beijing there are many shopping center around my house. I went to Australia at 22th July in 2013. Then I went to study at Prince Alfred collage for half a year learning about language. At 2014, I started at Wilderness School to study. I really like my school and I enjoyed studying phycology and business.

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  1. Hello Erin, just a question what is a wilderness school? I am doing Certificate 2 in Agriculture is it like animal studies or something. I live on a farm and have lots of animals, last night we went to check the sheep and there was a lamb that had no mum so now i have a Gorgeous lamb called Maycee! Hope to get to know you 🙂

    • Hi Nikki, I have also seen a baby lamb in China, they are very cute. I have been to the countryside before, north of Beijing in the mountain, thank you for telling about living in the country.

  2. Hi Erin, studying phycology sounds interesting, what did you learn in that class? Your lucky that there were shopping centres around your house, that would be so good!

    • Hi Sarah, we study the long-term memory, short-term memory and work memory, it is really interesting learning how the human brain works. yes, i love shopping, how about you? where did you go shopping ? thanks for you comment

  3. Hi Erin, I really like your picture, is that your rabbit? I have been to Beijing once many years ago but I didn’t go to visit the Great Wall. I hope I can go visit sometime. Do you like Beijing or Adelaide more?

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