As a result of my investigation, I have  found that same-sex relationships have existed throughout history and  it is a very natural thing. One interesting fact that I now realise is that people’s attitudes to same-sex relationships are affected and  changed mainly due to religion. Some people believe that the Bible says that a relationship it is only natural if it is between a woman and a man.

Despite religion, attitudes are slowly changing because the people are more educated and religion is becoming more open minded. People are becoming more understanding and many realize that same-sex relationships and marriage do not really affect anyone except the people in the relationship themselves.

In modern society, everyone is expected to have the same rights: we all have to pay taxes and obey society’s rules. Therefore, people are realizing that we all have the human right to chose our own partner and hence same-sex marriage should be legalised in all countries.

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  1. Hi Erin,
    It is interesting to read that religion plays such a large role in forming people’s ideas. Many religions these days are now accepting same-sex relationships and this is changing our society and laws.

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