starting my research

I started my research by searching online for information on same sex marriage. I put in the words “advantage and disadvantages of same sex marriage” and I found an article that had very useful headings on my topic.

This article was on a website called The Next Galaxy which is a new site. The author is Crystal Lombardo who  is an experienced writer who has been published on over 20 nationally recognized news websites. This makes the article reliable. As it from an American website it is from the American perspective.

The next article I found was a mind map on same-sex adoption. It gave me lots of key words that helped me do my mind map.

The third article I found was from the Australian Marriage Equality organisation. This article had headings and it had information about Australia.

the forth article is a story from a newspaper The Examiner called Till Death Do They Part, this article talks about how same sex marriage couples should be able to get married.


Article 1: The Disadvantages and Advantages of Same Sex Marriage

Article 2: Mind map on Same sex Adoption

Article 3: What are the benefits of Same-Sex Marriage?

article 4: The Examiner: Till Death Do They Part


One thought on “starting my research

  1. Hi Erin ,can you please analyse the fourth article.
    Who wrote it? Are they reliable? Can you trust the information?
    What is it about? Is it relevant? How?
    How did the structure of the article help you read it?
    What were the main words and concepts?
    Tell me about your vocabulary list. Give examples of new words and concepts.

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