As a result of my investigation, I have  found that same-sex relationships have existed throughout history and  it is a very natural thing. One interesting fact that I now realise is that people’s attitudes to same-sex relationships are affected and  changed mainly due to religion. Some people believe that the Bible says that a relationship it is only natural if it is between a woman and a man.

Despite religion, attitudes are slowly changing because the people are more educated and religion is becoming more open minded. People are becoming more understanding and many realize that same-sex relationships and marriage do not really affect anyone except the people in the relationship themselves.

In modern society, everyone is expected to have the same rights: we all have to pay taxes and obey society’s rules. Therefore, people are realizing that we all have the human right to chose our own partner and hence same-sex marriage should be legalised in all countries.

Organize Ideas

When I began my research I started a mind map because it made it  easier to organize my ideas and stay focused on the topic. By writing down the key ideas I developed my vocabulary and the different concepts that I had discovered. I could see where the gaps were in my investigation and what I needed to research more about.

After drawing the mind map, I used it to write a plan for my written report.  It is important to write a plan when you doing an investigation because you need to follow the points and make sure you are working in the right direction and not getting lost. A plan keeps you thinking about the important points you need to talk about – you need to keep on track.

When I wrote my body paragraphs I used my mind-map to write my topic sentences. Then I organised my supporting evidence under these topic sentences. Lastly, I wrote my concluding sentence. By using a plan I could also check that my paragraphs were in a logical order.

This made writing the report easier as I just had to add linking words.

During this investigation I had to keep track of all of my references, this was important  do when I was writing the investigation because I may forget where the information came from and how to add the references to my report. At the same time, I started writing my bibliography.


starting my research

I started my research by searching online for information on same sex marriage. I put in the words “advantage and disadvantages of same sex marriage” and I found an article that had very useful headings on my topic.

This article was on a website called The Next Galaxy which is a new site. The author is Crystal Lombardo who  is an experienced writer who has been published on over 20 nationally recognized news websites. This makes the article reliable. As it from an American website it is from the American perspective.

The next article I found was a mind map on same-sex adoption. It gave me lots of key words that helped me do my mind map.

The third article I found was from the Australian Marriage Equality organisation. This article had headings and it had information about Australia.

the forth article is a story from a newspaper The Examiner called Till Death Do They Part, this article talks about how same sex marriage couples should be able to get married.


Article 1: The Disadvantages and Advantages of Same Sex Marriage

Article 2: Mind map on Same sex Adoption

Article 3: What are the benefits of Same-Sex Marriage?

article 4: The Examiner: Till Death Do They Part


ESL Investigation: Same sex marriage

The topic I choose for investigation is “same sex marriage”, it is a current social topic. After talking with my ESL teacher, I decided to do it.

The reason I choice this topic is from my Chinese friends, they are all girls, and they really love each other, they really feel that they are the same as normal couples, I mean same as heterosexual couples. In my mind, I think same sex marriage is a really good thing because everyone should have the confidence to choose who they love, even if it is the same sex.

In Australia a lot of  people accept same sex couples and this  shows that people already an open mind. Therefore,  same sex marriage  should become legal in the next few years.  I believe the world will be more humane if same sex couples have the freedom to get married.

I have started my research with an article from the Conversation.

women’s rights and equality

When I came back to school, I started doing a report at the women’s rights and gender equality. The first report is about a woman, Ruby Payne-Scott, who was the first woman who studied science at university and made many discoveries such as sola waves around 1941.The discrimination in the 1940s and 1950s was very unfair between women and men, women had little chance to work, and even if they did have a job they would only get part of men’s pay. Would War 2 was a turning point for women’s rights and equal pay,  Payne-Scott helped improve gender equality and women’s rights. She got equal pay before the feminism movement started in 1960s. This part of history has great significance for women’s equality in today’s society.


The image is create by Oscar Keys sourced on

The image is create by Oscar Keys sourced on


Norway culture



The national anthem of Norway sings about a love for the land and the importance of home. It is harder to move great distances in Norway because of the mountains so family members and relatives usually stay in the same area for many generations. People also love nature and half of Norway’s population have cabins, boats or ski-huts and nearly everyone takes part in outdoor activities like hiking, skiing and boating. Culturally Norwegians love being home where they do most of their entertaining, people from other countries would normally go to a restaurant or bar.


The food in Norway is also very cultural and they have been eating the same way for a long time. The most common food is brown cheese which is sliced thinly and eaten on bread. They eat a lot of eggs, bread, pickled or smoked fish, cold meat and lots of milk products like cheese, butter, yoghurt and different kinds of sour milk. Of course Norwegians also eat modern food now like pizza and other takeaways but these cultural foods are still eaten regularly.


For ceremonial occasions such as Constitution Day (17th May) and Christmas, many families eat traditional feasts: flat bread, sliced dry meats, milk porridge, roasted meats and ‘lutefisk’ (dried fish with lye). During festivities a ‘kaldt bord’ will be prepared which is a selection of cold meats, cheeses, shrimp, pickled fish, salads jams and different kinds of breads; cloudberries and lingonberries are also favourites.


Inter-cultural understanding

I am doing ESL and my class in finding out about another culture. To do this we are blogging and Skyping with students in Norway. This project is about intercultural understanding. let me tell you about my first experience of Australia culture. I came to Adelaide in 2013, and I was surprised because Adelaide is like a very quiet and boring town. Compared to China there are not lot of people and not many fun things to do, but it is a nice place for old people to live. However, places like Sydney and Melbourne are more busy like my home city Beijing. Now, I want to find out about Norway. I look forward to collaborating with Norway.


create by Baard Hansen

create by Baard Hansen

Digital Tattoo – Geo Tagging & Click Jacking

Geo Tagging is when your personal details such as time and location is attached to the pictures you take. There are two types of Geo Tagging, the first is the Conscious Geo Tagging, where you allow this information to be attached; for example, when your out to lunch and you put up the pictures on Facebook, your location can be seen. The second type is when you DON’T know. So this  can be a problem if your smart phone automatically embeds this information as it can be accessed by people you don’t know. You need to be aware of who you are sharing this information with and make sure you have your privacy settings on.

Most people who regularly use the Internet have  experienced Click Jacking. This is when someone who you don’t know Hijacks your ‘click’, and it can be very annoying. This can take you to places on the Internet you didn’t want to go, for example, it can happen in advertisements where if you click on it, it will take you somewhere else. Some of the traps are on Facebook where they get you to click on the interesting thing and then they automatically share with your friends. You can avoid click Jacking by using a program called No-Script which will lock these sites –  or  – by paying attention to your USL browser for a http: as these are always secure sites.



We had a chat on Skype last Wednesday with another school. Our focus was to introduce ourselves and share our life with new friends. There were three students from Victoria – they were from a rural school in the country. We chatted about what subjects we were all choosing for next year and got to know each other; it was fun!

Digital Citizenship On Technology

 By Nadir Balcikli on Unsplash

By Nadir Balcikli on Unsplash


In modern times, it is important to be technologically aware. The Internet is powerful and you need access to technology if you want to be a digital citizen. Julie Lindsay, in Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds says that if people want to be a digital citizen then they must have access to technology. (Lindsay, 2009) Technology is not just for rich people, anyone who wants a good education today needs to have, and to be able to use, technology.

The Internet gives many ways to create and learn. Chris Lawrence states that working with others on the Web improves productivity and increases new ideas. To be web literate is not enough. It is important to be able to find reliable knowledge to be able to tell the difference between good and bad websites. The Internet is helpful for research because the answers can be found on the Internet. The knowledge from the Internet makes student stronger and they can use many amazing digital tools. To be a digital citizen technologically awareness is necessary.